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Unleash Your Creative Genius: Get ready to laugh with our DIY Ice Cream Prank Kit! Create this fun trick yourself, and use it to prank people over and over again! Great creative with it! Position the fake ice cream upside down or on its side on the floor, kitchen counter, computer, or anywhere it doesn't belong. Then just sit back and wait for the hilarious reactions! Share the joy of laughter and create unforgettable memories with this creative prank gift box.

Realistic Nail Polish Mishap: Elevate your prank game with our nail polish prank kit, meticulously designed to look like a genuine nail polish spill. Whether on laptops, cherished books, or office desks, this prank induces gasps of surprise every time. Wait for it... and enjoy the ensuing reactions that are truly priceless.

Realistic Spill Trickery: Experience the genius behind our Coffee cup prank kit. Craft the ultimate spilled coffee ruse with our top-quality materials, perfect for pulling off fake coffee spill pranks on laptops, books, and desks. Whether it's for an April Fools' Day joke, office pranks, or just a spontaneous mischief, the laughter and surprise on their faces will be unforgettable.

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