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  • TOY FEATURES: The Lena Toys City Police Truck is an exciting toy your child will love. The truck comes equipped with a driver in a police uniform, and a storage unit in the trailer to carry other toys around or to catch and hold criminals.
  • CHILD DEVELOPMENT: With the Lena Police Truck, your child will be able to play in its own way by driving this truck around and role-playing thanks to these toys' immense play value. It can help your child's social skills when it is played with around friends or siblings and can improve and help develop motor skills.
  • SAFE AND ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: Lena toys are eco-friendly products Made of high-quality food-grade resin that is pure and easy to recycle. Lena toys are rigorously tested to meet and exceed required safety regulations.
  • ROBUST DESIGN: This product was proudly produced in Europe and is made with the highest quality metal and plastic parts; the truck has safety and quality certifications from Europe and North America.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN: We recommend the use of water or mild soap to clean this toy. This toy is dishwasher safe. This toy is designed for children aged 3+

At Lena, we want to keep our planet clean and healthy 

We make our toys using high-quality, food-grade resin and we do not promote the use of electronic features in our toys.  Our products are designed with a decrease in plastic consumption in mind.  The resin we use is infused with an environmentally friendly additive that helps it to disintegrate into the soil.  It is also treated with UV filters to prevent fading of colors. 


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