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  • Observe! The Schleich Eldrador Creatures Shadow Panther streaks through the thick of the jungle like a dark phantom With his pitch black fur, he can move unnoticed in the shade and run on his enemies from there. If an intruder gets too close to him, he jumps out of the cover with his razor-sharp, extended claws and plunges on the surprised opponent.
  • then there is a stunning chase that the persistent jungle inhabitant can easily decide for themselves. The dangerous shadow panther is particularly proud of his two thorn-studded liana tails: they help him to keep balance even when jumps from high height. It can also use the strong tails like a double whip. The thorns at the tail ends and on his muscular back are really dangerous; they contain a paralysing poison that makes enemies immediately fightable.
  • The Shadow Panther spends at least an hour every day caring for his black coat.
  • The Schleich figures are modelled in detail and stand for educational play.
  • The item belongs to the theme world of Eldrador Creatures and is suitable for children aged 7-12 years.
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