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Ring Pops were invented in the late 1970s by a man named Frank Richards who was a product engineer at the Topps Company.[1][2] He wanted to help his daughter in breaking her thumb-sucking habit, so he invented the Ring Pop as a treat to eliminate her childish addiction.[3] This treat is similar to a baby pacifier, where the jewel is made out of a hard candy, and is attached to a plastic disc that clamps around a finger.[4] It was thought to be a brilliant idea and solution to get kids to stop their thumb-sucking habit, while enjoying a sugary and sweet piece of candy instead of sucking on their bland thumb. While the Ring Pop was not the first piece of candy jewelry, it did follow in the footsteps of other jewelry themed candies, such as the candy necklace and candy bracelet, both of which were released in 1958, almost two decades before the invention of the Ring Pop.[5] Candy jewelry was thought to be on the more feminine side,[citation needed] however Topps insured to provide colors that would suit to the male consumers as well, such as blue and green.

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