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MEET THE HUNGRY CHAMELEON: He’s ready to come home with you and play! The Color Changing Robotic Hungry Chameleon is affectionate, curious, and hungry! Control his movements with the remote control, watch as he looks around and wags his tail, and best of all, capture bugs and food with his extendable tongue!
MULTI-DIRECTIONAL REMOTE-CONTROLLED MOVEMENT: Take control of your new pet with the multi-directional remote control! The chameleon walks in all directions and enthusiastically explores your house.
MULTICOLORED LED LIGHTING: Just like a real chameleon, the robotic chameleon can change colors! LED lights shine brightly in a variety of color; use the color button on the remote control to choose your favorite. The chameleon’s spines and head frill light up and change!
CATCH AND EAT BUGS: Make sure your hungry chameleon is fed by giving him bugs for dinner! Press the meal button on the remote to make a long mechanical spring-loaded tongue shoot out of the chameleon’s mouth, and catch the four included bug tokens!
ANIMATED EYES AND TAIL: The chameleon is happy to see you! Power him up and he’ll roll his eyes, change colors, and wag his tail to show he’s ready to play. His curly tail swivels side to side, and his eyes roll around as you walk him around.
Multicolored LED lights on spines and head

Multi-directional remote control

Animated wagging tail and rolling eyes

Extendable tongue to catch bugs

Magnetized bug tokens
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