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Lite Brite is back and more fun, creative, and inspiring than ever! This refill pack offers a variety of templates and an assortment of bright, colorful pegs. It is specifically designed for the Basic Fun Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic unit, but is compatible with all Basic Fun units made between 2014-2018 Contains 100 pegs in 6 different colors and 8 templates featuring different designs than the templates that are included in the main Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic unit). Helpful Tips: o The templates are rolled up in the package, so when you unroll them to use, put a peg in each corner of the template to hold it down, then remove those 4 pegs when you finish your artwork o Designed to specifically fit the 2018 Basic Fun Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic unit (white exterior with black board sized 9.25” wide) o Pegs will fit any Basic Fun Lite-Brite unit from 2014-2018 o Templates will fit Basic Fun Lite-Brite units from 2014-2018, but may need to be cut to size for certain models and artwork may not line up perfectly on the peg grid o More templates can be downloaded on for all Basicfun! units

  • Lite-Brite is back & still the most creative way to create art with light! These refill packs are to be used with the Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic main unit (sold separately).
  • Fun, inspiring, creative, and educational – Lite-Brite promotes imagination and hand / eye coordination
  • Includes 8 design templates (size: 8” wide x 6.75” high) : Clever Owl, Silly Kitty, Rugged Pup, Swimmer Turtle, Fun Elephant, School of Fish, Don’t Rock the Boat, and Wild Octopus. Templates are reuseable and are labeled with letters of the colored peg to be inserted in each hole.
  • Includes 100 pegs in 6 colors: 20 clear, 16 orange, 16 pink, 16 green, 16 blue, 16 yellow. Pegs are round, shiny and measure 7/8 of an inch in length
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