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  • FUN GIFT SURPRISE - Looking for a small, but truly wonderful food gift to impress all your friends? Tired of the same old sweets? Look no further than this Harry Potter candy pack. Fun. Weird. Magical.
  • PLAY THE BERTI BOTT'S CHALLENGE - Make it a fun, friends and family bonding experience by playing this silly challenge. This enchanting jelly bean game from the Harry Potter universe features all the beans flavour found in the movie. Including the funny, vomit and earwax flavors.
  • SMALL BUT PACKED WITH LOADS OF FUN AND LAUGHTER - This special harry potter bean bag may be small but will surely make any children's party a wonderful time. Gather all your friends and see who the luckiest wizard of them all is.
  • NICE TREAT FOR HARRY POTTER FANS - This 35g, jelly belly beans will surely make any Harry Potter fan jump for joy. Give it as a gift or share it as a silly joke to all your friends and loved ones. The perfect Harry Potter stocking fillers.
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