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Childs play is at the center of every single product made by Wader Toys and we believe that you and your child deserve only the best

Our toys are constructed in Europe from high-quality, UV-protected plastic, preventing color fading.  This garbage truck is fully equipped with a functional back-arm and accompanying rubbish bin to inspire hours of immersive play.

Waders products are developed to imitate life in the adult world and encourage children to use their imagination and role-play to further their development and understanding of the world around them. Special attention is paid to the easy-to-handle play functions such strong, sturdy materials to offer the greatest possible level of stability.  Our toys will increase your child's creativity, helping stimulate their imagination while encouraging hand-eye coordination and development of gross motor and fine motor skills.  Group play is also encouraged, helping your child to effectively learn and develop their social and communication skills.

Made in the EU

Recommended for ages 1 

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