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Mr. Bendy is anything you can imagine. But, it depends on how quickly you can craft!

Flip over a card and then use the wax sticks to transform the poseable Mr. Bendy into whatever is on the card.

An astronaut, a golfer, a scarecrow... Everybody races to guess what he's become before the time runs out. If someone guesses right, they get a point and you get however many points the prompt was worth. If no one guesses right, no one gets any points.

Whoever has scored the most points after four rounds wins the game!

Enliven your next game night with Mr. Bendy, the perfect mix of creativity, laughter, and fast-paced fun!

Mr. Bendy
Game of bending, decorating, posing, and guessing
Encourages spatial reasoning, creativity, communication skills, observation skills
Players take turns being a creator - decorating and bending Mr. Bendy according to a prompt
All other players try to guess the prompt before the time runs out
If a player guesses correctly, they get a point, and you get as many points as the prompt is worth
Player to collect the most points over 4 rounds wins the game
Includes Mr. Bendy with stand, 60 prompt cards, 84 tokens, 70 Bendy sticks, sand timer
Detailed game rules and instructions included
High-quality materials and construction

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