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Calling all colour-ologists, chroma-chemists and would-be colour scientists of all kinds! Crayola Colour Chemistry Lab Set is jam-packed with playful experiments exploring your favourite subject—colour! The Colour Chemistry set includes an easy-to-read instruction booklet that’s packed with more than 50 colourful science-y activities to try out at home. And there are enough Crayola materials and supplies to do 16 experiments right out of the box! All experiments have been devised and/or approved by real Crayola scientists!

Inside the box you'll find Magenta, Cyan, Yellow, Black & White Ink, Paint brush, (2) 1oz white MM, 12 Fizzy tabs, Volcano core, Disk spinner, Filter paper, color wheel, Benham disks, Glow alginate, Calcium Chloride, Multi use container, Pipette, Slime part A, Slime part B, Beaker, Graduated cylinder, and (2) 6ct Paint Pots.

Easy Instructions for Kids to Follow, Adult Supervision Recommended. Goggles and Gloves are not required.

Ages 7+
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