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Finally you don't need a time machine to play with dinosaurs! The Dinosauria Realistic Triceratops Stuffed Animal by Wild Republic is a seventeen inch, lifelike plush version of this amazing prehistoric beast. Made with scaly looking plush, a realistic body shape, and a neat set of plush horns, this stuffed triceratops is the real deal. Until now, you had to spend all day building a time machine just to hang out with a triceratops but now all you have to do is grab this lifelike triceratops stuffed animal and get down to business. What you do with all of this new free time is your decision, but it will surely include a few extra adventures with your realistic stuffed triceratops. Maybe the two of you can take a trip to the ice cream shop, add some extra minutes to your afternoon nap, or even raid the fridge together. The opportunities opened up by the Dinosauria Realistic Triceratops Stuffed Animal are endless. Build a fort, chase the cat, and still have time to watch a movie with your stuffed triceratops. The two of you could even build a time machine together but instead of traveling to the past to get a dinosaur you can now travel to the future to get a, well, you'll have to find that out for yourself. Trust us, you and your triceratops stuffed animal are going to love what the future holds!
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