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The Dinobots are stomping, chomping, and roaring into action! Dinobot Adventures introduces little heroes to Grimlock and his Dinobot friends, plus favorite Autobot characters with re-imagined dinosaur alt modes! The Dinobots are ready to strike! Swoop is the friendliest of the Dinobots and is always there to lend a helping wing to his friends. Inspired by the original G1 Dinobots, Dinobot Strikers figures are a great way to introduce little heroes to the exciting world of Transformers! Kids ages 3 and up can enjoy twice the fun with 2 modes of play, converting the Dinobot Swoop figure from robot to Pterodactyl mode and back again in 1 easy step. Press the figure’s back to activate wing flapping action! 


1 figure (either Dinobot Snarl; Dinobot Swoop; Dinobot Slug; OR Dinobot Sludge)

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