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Introducing a new way of launching spinners! Pump up your Spinner Mad Single Shot Blaster to blast your Spinner into battle with a super powerful spin. Use one of 5 different battle strategies: close combat, dynamic attack, impulsive attack, passive attack or everlasting style. Select your spinning style will you go clockwise or counter-clockwise? The Spinner Mad Deluxe Battle Pack package includes 1 Battle Arena, 2 LED Spinners, 2 Single Shot Blasters, 2 Sticker Sheets and 1 Instruction Manual. The Single Shot Blasters can be used with other Spinner Mad Spinners. Identify your spinner with included number stickers. Put the spinner into the Spinner Slot and push it all the way down until you hear a "Clicking" sound, the safety lock will be OFF, the spinner will be launched once you pull the trigger. Pump the Power Booster back and forth to boost the power of the spinner. The more & faster you pump, the stronger the power of the spinner will be. Pull the Trigger to launch the spinner and watch them battle it out! The last one standing wins!

  • VROOM! Keep pumping for MAX. power!
  • POW! Launch the spinner like a rocket!
  • Recommended age 5+
  • Exclusive LED spinner
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