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  • 12 SQUISHY & FUN FIDGET TOYS: Contains 800 grams of slime and 12 squishy fidget toys for endless fun. Mixture of coloured and clear, super stretchy, gooey slimes!
  • ASMR SLIME: Make varieties of your own sensational slimes and have the best time twisting, squishing and stretching this slime toy.
  • CHILD-FRIENDLY INGREDIENTS: Recommended for girls and boys of ages 3 years and above. The slime is safe, non-toxic, boron free and glue free.
  • RE-SEALABLE BAGS INCLUDED: Store slime easily after play time with the re-useable and re-sealable bags provided in the slime kit. Fresh and ready to use for each next time.
  • ENHANCE CREATIVITY: Add fidgets from a range of 12 fidget toys for a sensory experience which will teach kids to be calm and learn how to concentrate as well as develop creativeness and motor skills.
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