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S'mores & More Checkers... a new way to play a classic game. Madd Capp Checkers add a strategic twist, more risk and more fun... it's SHAKE, RATTLE and ROLL! 

What's the twist? A unique dice shaker means you can move your own marshmallows and even your opponent's marshmallows. Cross the S'mores & More checker board and get "kinged" with what belongs on top of every s'more...a graham cracker! Capture all of your opponent's marshmallows and you win!

Grab your stick and marshmallow. The S'more the merrier!


1 S'mores & More Checkers Game Board, 12 Marshmallow Checkers, 12 Toasted Marshmallow Checkers, 1 Dice Shaker (contains 3 dice), 10 Graham Cracker Crowns, Game Instructions

Age: 8+   Players: 2-4   15-20 minutes of gameplay.

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