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Little Smoby Green - the sustainable bioplastic toy, made from sugar cane! The Smoby Green Magic Tower stacking cups are made of 90% renewable raw material sugar cane, fully recyclable and therefore particularly environmentally friendly. With the colorful stacking pyramid from Smoby, even the smallest children have versatile fun. The colorful cups can be put into each other or on top of each other and when bathing can watch how the water flows out of the cups. On each of the 6 different colored cups are different motifs that want to be discovered. The fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination are playfully promoted when stacking and putting them into one another. At the same time, shape and color recognition as well as logical thinking skills are supported. A classic among baby and toddler toys, perfectly suited for the nursery, sandbox or while bathing.
The packaging made of recycled cardboard is of course also fully recyclable.
Smoby Green is
- 90% bio-based
- 100% recyclable
- made from 100% renewable raw material
- with packaging made from 100% recycled cardboard
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