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An Interactive Robotic Puppy with Gesture Control. Wave your hand left or right to make it turn. Extendable body that can stretch up to 26cm long! Comes with a SmartBall™ for auto-following and fetching, roll its ball out and it’ll fetch it for you. Pet its head and it’ll react! Walk with it and it’ll follow. Wouaf! Barks and walk like a real puppy with lively LED eyes and speaker for lively sound SFX.

  • Play together with the big ROBO
  • DACKEL™ (Sold Separately) for Fetching & Direct Control
  • SmartBall™ for Auto-Following and Fetching
  • Gesture Control – Wave your hand left or right to make it turn
  • Extendable – Stretch up to 26cm long!
  • Lively LED Eyes
  • Speaker for Lively Sound SFX
  • Touch Sensor – Pet its head and it reacts!
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