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Scientific Explorer Disgusting Zombie Parasites lets a young entomologist learn about nature's real-life zombies! With bug-shaped supplies, conduct 4 different types of ooey, gooey experiments that you can repeat again and again. Mix and make lifelike fungus parasites that grow in and then burst out of their insect victims! Replicate gelatinous neotode larvae. Watch the movement of a cockroach change as it becomes a zombie under the neurotoxin of a jade wasp! Includes Zombie Cricket Beaker with Stand, Beaker (50ml), 2 Parasite Worm Activator Liquid (0.51oz/15ml), 2 Water Growing Fungi, Ant Blister Mold, Gelatin (0.35oz/10g), Happy Cockroach with Pull Back and Go Motor, Zombie Cockroach Cover, Squish and Squeeze Snail with Bulging Eyes, 2 Stir Sticks and Instruction Manual. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.
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