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In Escape the Room: The Cursed Dollhouse, players explore a mysterious three-dimensional dollhouse, solving puzzles in search of a way to escape. Five rooms, each containing objects to investigate and multiple puzzles to solve, will keep players engaged through two hours of play.

Escape the Room: The Cursed Dollhouse takes the in-home room escape to the next level with more challenging puzzles to solve, a longer playtime, and a unique three-dimensional experience that will satisfy even the most skilled escape room fans.

  • Full-sized 3D Dollhouse with over four rooms to explore
  • 5 pieces of 3D furniture, including tables and beds
  • Over 20 puzzle pieces, clues, and doll house components
  • 5 Doll character puzzles
  • Solution Wheel
  • Reset instructions (including on-line hint system)
Age: 13 years +
Number of Players: 1-6

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