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This Advent season will be just as exciting as an Escape Room! In each of the 24 compartments of the Escape Advent Calendar for ages 10 and up, a tricky riddle challenges the player. To find the right door for the following day, solve the riddle in the room. Clues can be found in the richly detailed illustrated compartments, with a total of 46 puzzle cards and on a wide variety of clue elements. Combine and find the solution to the symbol of the next door. This is the mission: discovery of Captain Pitt Schmitt's journal tells the story of his research on the VEGA submarine, which sank in a storm. The crew were able to save themselves, but the marine biologists' important records were swept into the depths of the sea. The search for the VEGA is challenging: only one dive is allowed each day to explore a different underwater space. Your journey is successful if the marine explorers' discovery is found within 24 days. Clever powers of deduction, imagination and creativity are required. Don't worry if you get stuck, a guide on the back of the box with 2 hints per riddle and a breakdown of the solution using the QR code will help. Who will succeed in unraveling the secret of the sunken submarine VEGA?
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