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  • Allows the Construction of roller coaster style tracks
  • Up to 16 meters long
  • 250 pieces
  • Quercetti's Maxi Rail Roller Coaster set is designed to engage children in beneficial play, encourage creativity and simulate intuitive reasoning
  • The 250-piece set includes 16 meters of glow-in-the-dark track, marbles and detailed instructions; build the designs included or create your own
  • By experimenting with different building options children are introduced to the basics of physics while having fun; recommended for age 7 and up
  • Made in Italy, Quercetti toys are never repetitive but always inspire new discoveries and inventions; with Quercetti, children play intelligently
  • Quercetti is exclusively distributed in Canada by Pierre Belvedere, whose presentation of educational toys is designed to promote imaginative play
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