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Clare is the brains of the group and she loves geometric shapes! Includes a silicone bracelet, jewellery beads and a paper plane charm, collector's card, sticker and many accessories. The enclosed stickers can be painted on with the new PLAYMOBIL water pen.

Logic genius Clare also feels comfortable in Edwina's colourful comic world. No matter what obstacle is in the EverDreamerz way, Clare finds logical solutions for every situation. Of course, Clare also always keeps an overview in the fantastic, flashy comic world with its bright colours and patterns, while she enthusiastically brings new creatures to life by painting and drawing. But there are also many challenges lurking in the crazy comic universe. Can the EverDreamerz prevent Edwina's colourful comic dream from turning into a black-and-white nightmare? The set includes EverDreamerz maths genius Clare with green alpaca baby, beads, stickers, collector's card, bag, alarm clock and more. Clare brings a paper airplane charm for the silicone bracelet. With the new water pen, the bright colours appear on the black and white stickers and disappear again when dry.

Recommended for ages 7 and up.

WARNING: Not suitable for children under three years of age due to the danger of suffocation caused by small parts.

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