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In this quick-draw classic, the guesses can be just as hilarious as the sketches, making it the perfect way to get the party started.

Pictionary™ now includes two erasable markers, boards for drawing, and an updated Pop Culture category of clues. Year after year since 1985, Pictionary™ has proven itself to be the ultimate party game!

Game play is simple. One player chooses a card with a word or phrase on it and then draws images to get fellow teammates to say what’s on the card.

  • Includes: gameboard, clue cards and 2 erasable markers and boards and more!
  • With 200 different clue cards, each with multiple clues, the game is different every time!
  • Being an artist isn’t required; in fact, if players “can’t draw,” the game can be even funnier.
  • Players take turns drawing, so everyone gets to channel their inner artist!

8+ years / 4 à 16 players / 60 minutes

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