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A quick background on penny boards: The name actually comes from the company Penny® Skateboards, which is an Australian based company founded in 2010. The name has quickly become synonymous with small boards that are similar to mini-cruiser longboards but specifically, penny boards always made of plastic. Now it's a term that represents a whole style of board category.

The original brand name boards were built to be the most durable and tough plastic boards on the market. Capable of taking the weight of a car over the middle with no damage but all the flex necessary to survive anything you could throw at it.

They were designed in smaller sizes to be more portable, and being made out of plastic for the same reason. The plastic also gives a unique flex pattern.

Many people remember starting out on a plastic skateboard that's very similar to a Penny board as a kid. The Penny® Skateboard company was built around bringing these classics back to life - making skating more accessible.

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