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Combine a panda and a unicorn, and the result is pure string art magic. Meet our adorable new Pandacorn and a magical starburst. The latest in our line of best-selling string-art kits, we’ve amped it up with colorful 3D elements and every kid’s favorite, glitter. Warm fuzzies are guaranteed, so let the stringing begin! Use our patterns or create your own design. No hammer or nails needed – just push pins in the foam canvases and string away!


Two 8.5 in (21.6 cm) foam canvases, 7 pcs cardstock, 45 yds (41.1 m) cotton thread, 4 yds (3.65 m) acrylic yarn, 100 pins, 1 pc foam, 1 pc paper, instructions.


Age: 10+ 

CAUTION: Sharp pins

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