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There are around 100 whole roasted crickets per tube.

Cricket Nutrition Label

We often hear… “Whoa! I had no idea crickets tasted this good!”
Yup, everybody gets a kick out of eating a cricket!
Mini-Kickers Flavored Crickets are an ancient food that’s good for you and good for the planet. They’re fun to eat.
Ask someone if they would like to try eating a flavored cricket and get ready for a reaction that can range from total disgust to “I Love It!”. Yes, share a tube of Mini-Kickers Flavored Crickets and you open up a world of adventure. Eating a cricket is a culinary experience few forget. 
There are nearly 100 flavored crickets per Mini-Kicker tube so you can share with a lot of people (or not – they’re healthy and Mini-Kickers taste great so it would be no surprise if you kept them all for yourself).
Yet, as novel as it is for people in our country, crickets are food still enjoyed by billions of people worldwide. Our southern neighbor, Mexico, enjoys around 200 different insects considered to be food. Crickets are a favorite. This is true in many parts of the world. 
And, talk about nutrition! Crickets are super nutritious. They are a powerful bio-available protein including all nine essential amino acids. Crickets are higher in antioxidants than orange juice, a natural prebiotic fiber, they provide an ideal Omega 3:6 ratio, packed with B12, Iron, calcium, and so much more. 
Crickets are also raised humanely using significantly less land and water than other meat, and they are sustainable. These nutritional powerhouses can be raised at home, on family farms, or by large commercial enterprises. You can even raise crickets by feeding them your table scraps. Crickets are food available to just about anyone, anywhere. 
It makes sense to add crickets to our diets. And, Mini-Kickers are a great way to introduce yourself and your friends to the practice of Entomophagy (eating bugs). 
Good for us and good for our planet.
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