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Introducing LOL Surprise Loves Mini Sweets Surprise-O-Matic Dolls in our brand new Surprise-O-Matic vending machine packaging!

LOL Surprise has partnered with iconic candy brands to bring you LOL Surprise Loves Mini Sweets! Your favorite treats are now your favorite dolls! Find characters from Jolly Rancher, Hershey’s Chocolate, Reese’s, Chupa Chups, Milk Duds, Sweethearts, Twizzlers, Bazooka Joe, Pez, and Peeps. These B.B.s are as sweet as can be and love to have fun.

With the Surprise-O-Matic, unboxing these 9 cute surprises just got even more interactive and fun! Just the press of a button delivers each sweet surprise the same way you get your favorite candies from a vending machine. What will come down the Surprise-O-Matic for your B.B.? Feed or bathe your LOL Surprise Loves Mini Sweets Surprise-O-Matic doll for a water surprise! Will your doll cry, spit, or tinkle?

Collect all 12 brand new LOL Surprise Loves Mini Sweets Surprise-O-Matic dolls and complete your candy collection!


1 doll, shoes, bottle, 1 sticker, 1 vending machine and other assorted accessories

Age: 5+

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