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This Large BOING! Pogo (#11153) is for "Big Kids" with a body weight of 90 to 160 lbs.
BOING! BOING! BOING!  JUMPAROO™ BOING! Pogo Stick is our modern, totally redesigned version of the always-popular American toy, capable of 24" leaps (with some practice!)
What makes the sturdy, all-metal BOING! stand out from others? First theres the Y-shaped handle with foam grips that offers more hand positions than standard pogos, and greatly increases its control and ease of use. Even klutzy kids can step right on and bounce!
The rugged metal spring is completely encased by a steel housing, so theres no possibility of pinching, and all surfaces are rounded for extra safety. Even the rubber foot is superior. Its 3 diameter is twice that of most pogos, for greater security and stability. Jumping sticks have been getting more popular, as kids see them on TV and parents realize the value of activity to their childrens health. A boon to balance and a great calorie burner, our BOING is so fun kids dont even realize theyre exercising! Perhaps theyll get so jazzed about "BOING-ING," they may try to beat the Guinness Book of World Records mark for distance: a little over 23 miles!

Ages 6 & Up. 


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