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Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited Rapid Launch Builder Box is the all-in-one track building set that will wow any Hot Wheels fan! 

It features the necessary components to build three unique stunting routes that include double loops, a ramp jump, and a gnarly track configuration where cars race through a fast turn before speeding off to other adventures. Kids use the innovative 4-car magazine to load cars into the centrifuge launcher that sends vehicles onto one of four exit routes for non-stop excitement. The Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited Rapid Launch Builder Box includes external storage pockets that securely and conveniently hold accessories until they're called to action.

Additional track components (sold separately) fit inside the box as well. Colors and decorations may vary.


1 Hot Wheels Express Track Builder Unlimited Launch Set, 1 side panel, 1 storage cover, 1 1/64 scale Hot Wheels vehicle, 3 loops and 1 loop connector, 6 track connectors, 4 barricade connectors, 8 track sections, 1 4-car magasine, 1 Track Builder basket, 1 ramp and 1 circle launcher with 4 track connection points

Age: 6+

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