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  • A SPARKLING EXPLORATION! - This innovative out-of-the box puzzle concept is something very special for kids! It’s a sparkling, shimmering 60-piece dinosaur puzzle that is printed on holographic foil. It’s a fun and challenging 60 piece puzzle that is guaranteed to delight any child. The special effect makes putting a puzzle together more fun than ever!
  • KIDS LOVE DINOSAURS! - Kids are forever fascinated by the idea that these giants once roamed theEarth. This puzzle is a perfect way for kids to explore the world of dinosaurs including the T Rex, the Stegosaurus the Pteranodon and more!
  • A BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED PUZZLE! - Each of our Crocodile Creek puzzles are thoughtfully designed and beautifully illustrated by artists from around world. Our Crocodile Creek puzzles are considered by many parents and teachers to be the best puzzles in the market for young children.
  • 4+
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