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If you like your putty extra silly you’ll love Crayola silly scents silly putty—the scent-sensational eggs with sweet Scented putty inside. Silly scents silly putty is the classic compound that bounce, molds, stretches and snaps with a smelly twist! It’s the classic “toy with one moving part” that has been a kid favorite since 1950. This carton contains an assortment of six fun, sweet smelling silly putty eggs in pastel colors.

  • Includes 6 scented silly putty eggs in an egg carton style container
  • Scented silly putty toy for kids
  • Each egg contains sweet smelling silly putty in a color coordinated egg
  • Collectable, tradable toys for girls and boys
  • The classic compound that bounces, molds, stretches and snaps is now scented!
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UPC: 080203

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