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Cuddlekins Lion Stuffed Animal by Wild Republic

If you're looking to employ a plush playtime companion with cuddling skills then the Cuddlekins Lion Stuffed Animal by Wild Republic is just for you! This stuffed lion has years of experience in the cuddle industry and has also spent some time in the world of professional napping. We know what you're thinking, that's great and all but what does a stuffed lion know about playtime? The real question is; what doesn't it know about playtime? You might think that you have fun now, but just wait until this lion stuffed animal shows up. Your whole definition of fun will be re-written. Balls will bounce higher, stars will shine brighter, and asparagus will taste better. Yes, the Cuddlekins lion is so fantastic that it can even improve the taste of asparagus. Well, if you have some garlic powder around. That's its secret ingredient, a little salt and pepper and some garlic powder. The Cuddlekins Lion Stuffed Animal also dabbled in culinary school before settling into the cuddle industry. This plush lion measures about twelve inches tall, is durably built, and loves great big hugs. Along with being undeniably adorable and cuddly, it is also thoughtfully designed and colored to resemble a real lion. There's nothing this stuffed lion can't do!
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