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Stack the cats but don't drop the bowl!

The delicious-looking fish is just sitting there in its bowl, waiting to be snatched up by an opportunistic cat. Unfortunately, ALL the neighborhood cats have heard the news, and now everyone's scrambling for a taste!

Turn by turn, players roll the die to determine how many cats to stack underneath the fishbowl. Just turn one knob to lift one cat up high, slide the next cat underneath, and then turn the other knob to lift that one up high.

If you roll a cat face, you have to skip your turn. If you roll a fishbowl, you have to (or get to) give your turn to any other player.

Whoever can stack all of their cats without toppling the stack wins the game!

Only the cleverest cats will get the snack in the perilously fun game of Catch of the Day.

2-4 Players    Ages: 5+

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