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Mother, Heidi is always taking care of her family and keeps the house clean and nicely decorated. Father, Harlin enjoys planning all the fun community events in Calico Village. Sister, Bell is very cheerful and likes having fun with her family and friends. Brother, Skip is a great soccer player and is on his school's team. They all come with removable detailed clothing, have jointed arms and legs, and heads that turn. Heidi and Harlin Hopscotch Rabbit measure approximately 3.5” tall. Bell and Skip Hopscotch Rabbit are approximately 2.5” tall. Can be used independently or with all Calico Critters houses. Recommended for children ages 3 and up.
- Four piece set including mother, father, sister and brother
- Figures are dressed in removeable, fabric clothing
- Stimulates imaginative role-playing by children
- Recommended for children ages three years and above
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