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Little potter, are you ready? Thanks to the Professional Studio Pottery by French brand Buki you'll have everything you need for a super-wow afternoon!

A real potter's wheel specially adapted for children who will learn how to make a bowl, a pot or even a plate! This kit includes 2 kg of clay which dries in the open air composed by a brown piece and a light one! The key to success? Use the cookie cutter to calibrate the amount of clay needed and center it on the lathe to start the creation! Once the piece is done, let the creation dry and then decorate it with brushes and tube paint included

By stimulating kids’ curiosity and showing them what they can actually make, Buki’s kits, games and toys are the nicest and funniest way to introduce kids to science, creativity and dexterity!

  • Includes: potter's wheel with drawer, clay, 1 palette, 5 metal and wood sculpting tools, 5 tubes of paint 15ml, 2 brushes, 5 tubes of glitter, 1 stylus, 3 stamps, illustrated instructions
  • Dimension (box): 37 x 9 x 31 cm
  • Promotes creativity and motor skills
  • Care: wash with water. Removable motor

8+ years

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