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Reinvent the spinning top games with a hands-on STEM 6 in 1 Gyroscope Educational Kit! Young engineers will have a chance to build a gyroscope model from scratch and understand the secrets of why how these tiny robots can maintain their balance on any surface! 

6 in 1 Gyroscope Educational Kit contains a list of hands-on experiments so the young engineers can learn about physics and robotics and how Gyroscopes can be applied to everyday life objects. Explore the motorized gyroscope robot and understand the value it brings in 6 different forms: A Scooter Rider, A Stilts-bot, Robbite Dizzie, Mech-mushroom, Speedy Rover, and Roboller Coaster.

This STEM Kit including a bilingual manual in both English/ French with the detailed steps that can help your little inventor value the effort of building something from scratch!

No batteries required.

Ages: 8+   Pieces: 134

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