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MGA's Miniverse Make It Mini Appliances brings new ways to Make It Mini! All New Mini Appliances that actually work! Use these appliances to help you make, set, and display your favorite Miniverse Make It Mini Food Beverages.

Each ball comes with one real working mini appliance, plus accessories and ingredients to make your mini replica drinks! Each pack includes 1 appliance, 1 bottle of resin, 2 cups to dispense your resin into, and unique accessories for each pack. Each machine has unique real working features that will take your Make It Mini experience to the next level. You'll be able to dispense mini ice cubes from the soda and juice machines. You can seal your boba drink, just like the real thing! And all the appliances dispense resin. Once you've finished dispensing the resin and created your mini drinks, set the replica drinks under any UV light (like the sun) until the resin has hardened. Once it sets, you've got a collectible ready to play with or display! Each pack comes with a pair of cupholders (saucers for the Espresso balls) to display your mini drinks.

There are 8 unique styles to collect! The image on the front of the ball will indicate which machine you will be getting, but the SURPRISE is the color!
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