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  • HIGH QUALITY: Our products use the highest quality materials, including European beech wood, and are extremely durable.
  • SAFE FOR YOUR CHILD: We perform over 1,000 safety tests per year to ensure our products meet all safety standards, and we pride ourselves on developing toys that are completely safe for children.
  • The product includes: 1 play figure, 1 smart motor, 1 wagon, 1 buffer, 3 tunnels, 9 track pieces, 1 bridge, 1 buffer.
  • Fun function: Thanks to interactive intelligent technology, the train communicates with the tunnels and the bridge. It stops, turns off the horn, goes up or flashes its lights.
  • Dimensions: 58.4 x 50.8 cm.
  • From 3 years.
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UPC: 33873

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